Creating effective strategies, powerful solutions, effective communication, unforgettable experiences to introduce brands and companies to consumers/customers.


Clearly communicating the values behind the brand, to reach the needs of consumers and get in touch with them, to maintain lasting relationships.

Logo design

The logo as the first contact must clearly communicate with the customer, represent the values of the brands, the philosophy of the company. We first evaluate the existing logo, whether it captures the essence of the product/brand.

Brand identity

The recognition of a brand as a vehicle for conveying the image to your consumers. The brand must be immediately recognisable to your customers. Your product or service must be associated with your brand identity in order to create a connection between you and your customers and to build customer loyalty.


Nowadays, an effectively designed website is the prerequisite for a successful business. It can increase brand awareness and sell a product or service.

Business cards

The business card is a tangible way to build trust and to continue the conversation even after it is over. Its size, shape, weight and low cost make it a perfect way to make a first and lasting impression. The graphic design of business cards has evolved, allowing you to differentiate your business from other brands, industries and companies.


Recognizing the importance of the business sheet as a means of presenting the content, but not taking over the reader’s attention. For this reason, we try to keep it simple and clean.


A billboard must be observed, but must not cause distraction. The design concept is implemented as brand building, kept smart and simple with a top of 6 words in the headline, with a special accent on “call-to-action”.


The most important information should be easily readable from a distance to draw attention to the poster and create a hierarchy of information in the text. The basis is a message or idea that is clearly communicated to reach the target group.


Flyer is the “Swiss Army knife” in print design. A flyer can be tailored to any marketing purpose: advertising, announcements, invitations. Flyers must have a loud call to action, a clear focus, relevant images, suitable fonts, intelligent choice of colours.


Two key components must be considered when designing the menu – readability and fast navigation. We create: menu (à la carte) design, wine/beverage menu, menu of the day, dessert menu and coordination with the printed in-house menus to create synergies in the ordering process.


To create a connection between the brand and the user, a website address, social media handle or QR code can sometimes be added to point your audience to more information without cluttering up your sticker design.

Book covers

We understand and accept that we are visual creatures and that we “judge a book by its covers”. The power of design is shown in the book-buyer’s response “I have to read this”.

CD/LP ALBUM covers

To understand and accept that we are visual creatures and that CD/LP cover art is the visual gateway to your music, another way to market yourself. The key to music discovery is first impression – your album covers should grab someone’s attention before they even hear your music, and this is even more true for digital music platforms. Your CD/LP cover art should stand out and be an integral part of music promotion and distribution.


We can distinguish several main types of T-shirt design: gifts, corporate use, merchandise, event souvenirs. Whatever type it is, there is always a little branding involved. In any case, the design should clearly communicate the purpose, along with the key themes and styles that your brand should convey.

Vehicle lettering

Professionally designed vehicle signage makes your company appear credible and trustworthy and acts as a mobile advertising space. It is also a cost-effective solution: Compared to other traditional forms of advertising (TV, magazine, radio and outdoor advertising/graphics), vehicle signage has the lowest cost per impression!
Business Sectors

We have experience in working with the following types of companies:

Banks/Finance Discount companies Electronic companies/leisure industry Cosmetics industry Car manufacturers Research/energy Trade/craft Real estate/construction IT/communication Politics/associations Social economy Sport/leisure/culture Cities/communes/countries Food industry
Customer Reviews

What People Say?

"From professional consulting and idea design all the way to the implementation of our company logo. At this point we would like to thank the Brandfabrik once again and award 20 stars out of a possible five stars."
Company D-Line
Car vehicle preparation tyres
"We have had a successful cooperation with the graphic studio Brandfabrik and would like to thank you for your work and the result, which meets the highest standards. A first-class approach and cooperation, from a human, creative and business point of view."
The Kalebota Law Office
Srđan Kalebota
"The friendliness and positive charisma of Sasa Deskovic as well as his artistic commitment encouraged me to engage him for the creation of my personal logo. I was not disappointed. His empathy for me as his client with my special project surprised me. The logo/brand was found quickly, colours, font and font size were combined very well. My ideas wer heard and integrated. I felt confident by the competencies Sasa presented, down to the last detail. I am more than satisfied with the product. Mr. Deskovic's respectful social interaction, expertise and artistic talent reassured me that the final product was just what I needed. I thank you for the very good and trusting cooperation."
Ines Bicha
Child physiotherapist
"Only praise for ideas, communication, presentation... As it was necessary to make a logo for an energy company, the structure itself was quite rigid. Sasa's ideas brought playfulness and originality, recognition. The logo is serious and new. The choice of colours is a little different from the traditional one, but this one even better reflects the theme, the energy of the sun, water... All my suggestions were heard and analysed. Of course, the actual work should be left to the experts. I had a great idea for the logo, but then Sasa came up with an even better logo proposal."
Company Visum Energy
Andrija Kostelac