Saša Dešković

“Design is not only what something looks like. Design is also how something works”

– Steve Jobs


I am a creative professional with a rich working background in international agencies and a diverse range of international clients. During my studies, I started learning the practical side of the creative business with one of my mentors. After graduation, I entered the creative scene by being hired by an agency as a desktop publisher.


During my career, I changed jobs and/or was promoted in my professional roles: from graphic designer through the position of art director to achieving the title of creative director and managing a creative department.

After 20 years of gathering knowledge and experience, developing my expertise, I decided that I needed to try it out on my own. There is this drive that makes me want to push the standard boundaries of the classic advertising and always find a first-class, tailor-made solution for each customer.

There’s this peculiar drive that pushes me to disregard the limits of classic advertising and always find a first-class, tailor-made solution for each customer.

Brandfabrik // Karlsruhe, Germany

Goetzinger + Komplizen GmbH // Ettlingen, Germany
05-2018 » 09-2019

Spezialist Marktkommunikation
Kroatische Post // Zagreb, Croatia
10-2015 » 11-2017

Manager Kreativabteilung
Nanobit // Zagreb, Croatia
04-2015 » 08-2015

Manager Kreativabteilung
Klara Gardening // Zagreb, Croatia
01-2014 » 04-2015

Manager Kreativabteilung
Ictinus grupa // Zagreb, Croatia
02-2009 » 01-2014

Art Director
New Moment NIC Young & Rubicam Brands // Zagreb, Croatia
07-2006 » 02-2009

Art Director
Young & Rubicam Group // Zagreb, Croatia
03-2004 » 06-2006

Iskon Internet d.d. // Zagreb, Croatia
05-2003 » 02-2004

Momentum Worldwide // Zagreb, Croatia
08-2001 » 05-2003

Doroghy Design Studio // Zagreb, Croatia
05-1998 » 08-2001